Xieneng Technology is Selected as One Of The MIIT’S Gradient Utilization Enterprises

23/12/2021,in the Announcement No.40 issed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China,Hangzhou Xieneng Technology’s subsididary Hangzhou Anying Technology Co.,Ltd.was selected as one of the enterprises on the list of “New Energy Vehicle Waste Power Battery Comprehensive Utilization Industry Specification Conditions”(The 3rd Batch)




Xieneng passed the audit by the experts from the MIIT with near perfect score relects Xieneng’s technical accumulation and in-depth application capability in the field of gradient utilization.At present,Xieneng has 3 completed and under construction gradient utilization centres and plans to carry out centres’ construction in 8-10 provinces and cities across China.


Xieneng’s gradient utilization solution is based on the equivalent circuit evaluation model,using big data processing methods for all-round performance evaluation and sorting,combined with active equalization technology for consistency control from the single cell level to the whole range of the battery system,to realize the whole life cycle value of the power battery deep excavation.