Secretary of Jingdezhen City High-tech District Visited Xieneng Technology

5/9/2021, Wenjun Luo, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Jingdezhen City,High-tech District; Min Cai, Director of Finance Bureau of High-tech District,; Juan Liu, Director of Investment Promotion Bureau of High-tech District and other leaders visited Xieneng Technology.


Wilson Zhou, Chairman and General Manager of Xieneng Technology and Jacky Gong, Executive Vice General Manager of Xieneng Technology participated in the reception; Liqin Wang, in charge of Xieneng Technology’s gradient utilization research, reported on the industrialization of Xieneng’s gradient utilization, and the two sides had an in-depth exchange on the specific landing plan of Xieneng Technology as a project introduced by Jingdezhen High-tech District.


Wenjun Luo,Listened to the report



Liqin Wang,presentation of relevant information